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Sonic Team Adventures:Ep1 Sonic Team Adventures:Ep1

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do you like it. ^_^!?> go to 3:50

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Theme of Sonic (Full Song) Theme of Sonic (Full Song)

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new zone and more >

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Baby Greed The Hedgehog

is the key

The power. He is the greatest thing of All time.

The Power. He is the greatest baby animal thing of All time

he can't die he new to Sonic game I want that. As he is keep up to day on him.

Project move and protected

~*~Chao~*~ ~*~Chao~*~

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Understand I said again, but in a different way the music is bad.

In a nice decent way the music is bad, please understand this music doesn't see very good. This time you can't get me, I'm saying it nicely please understand your music is bad. If you don't like me he won't give me this time he said I'm sated in a nice way ^_^!?

Spring Yard Zone Spring Yard Zone

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it Good man.

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Fleetway Super Sonic Fleetway Super Sonic

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